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Not even gonna go into it too deep yet, but it will come.

I actually like Ansah for some reason, but it’s still typical Lions foolishness.

They take a project at #5 who has started only 9 games in his career, has only played football for a couple years, and had only 4.5 sacks to be…a pass rush specialist.

Then in the second round? They pick up Darius Slay at CB, who is injured with a meniscus tear at the moment and will likely miss mini-camps. Meaning that he’ll be behind this year, all year, and will likely be worthless for at least the first half of the season. You could argue he wasn’t even the best CB on his own team last year. That may go to Jonathan Banks, who went to Tampa Bay 7 picks later.

Certainly it sucks that we missed out on ALL THREE of those elite franchise potential OTs at the top of the draft. It sucked, and I really wanted to get Fischer, Joeckel, or even Johnson, but Ansah is a huge risk up there for a front office and coaching staff that should be fighting for their jobs this year.

Not to mention we drafted a bunch of these CBs last year in the draft as well. Slay is supposed to be better, and we drafted him higher, but he’s still injured. We may not have picked up a starter out of either pick for the upcoming season.

The OL is begging for a disaster. Losing both your starting OTs, and a starting OG, while not drafting a single OL player in the first 2 rounds is scary. Reiff you have to expect can play LT. Hilliard you would normally want as depth. Fox you can’t even guess on him. He’s another one of our “projects” that has been hiding on the roster with injuries and no experience for what 3 years now?

If I’m Matt Stafford I’m getting my new deal before the season starts, or I’m not showing up.


This is where we are in the illustrious history of the press. We are to the point where we are getting “anonymous sources” left and right and articles written about them. This is what the media has come to. You don’t have to put your name on it anymore. The media has figured out that you don’t need it. You can just say whatever you want. Could be the water boy, but if he is anonymous he’s still “Lions manager” when it comes to his clout in an article.

Here is the article and here are some of the major quotes:

“Yeah, we’re loaded,” the unnamed player told Yahoo. “But we have a couple of guys who don’t understand what it takes to win. Just making a couple of plays and thinking that makes you great … sometimes you want to just shake some of these guys and say, ‘Don’t you get it?’ “

Asked who in particular fell into that category, the player said, “Ndamukong would be first.”

“He’s focused for 90 percent of the time,” an anonymous teammate told Yahoo. “But it’s the 10 percent that kills you. … With (Suh), he loses his cool and all of a sudden we’re blowing a play or dealing with some controversy.”

Let’s forget about it being a cowardly Lion anonymous source though for a minute. When all is said and done, does what was said hold true? Does this team really not “get it” when it comes to winning? Do I even need to answer that question?

No matter how absurd this “source” is one thing is for certain: This franchise doesn’t know how to win. This season has cemented that fact into us week after week of losing by one score or less. While last year the luck bounced our way more than it should have, this year it is going the other way. There is something to be said for the leadership, and the way this team prepares for their games. How many games this year have you said to yourself “they didn’t come out ready to play”? Must be at least half the games this year right? IS there anything more damning in showing you don’t know how to win than how you come out every week and put yourself into a hole time and time again?

The wheels are really going to start coming off now I think. Losing doesn’t fix anything. This season is a huge step back. It’s going to kill a lot of the optimism this franchise had. It’s the kind of season that says they got the wrong guys to lead the team. It’s the kind of season that the coach loses the team. It’s the kind of season where you are talking about the draft a month too early. It’s the kind of season where the final games you actually want them to lose for a higher draft pick, and to make sure that nobody gets rewarded in some way for it when they all of sudden rip off 2-3 wins to finish the season “strong”.

There may be guys that don’t know how to win on this team. There always are.

“When stars act like that, everybody else thinks it’s OK to act like that,” the player said. “It’s like with kids. You let one get a little out of control, the other one does the same thing pretty quick. It’s human nature.”

This last quote says a lot more than the headline does about this team though. It shows the lack of leadership missing from this team. This “source” could do a lot better as a leader than a whiner if he really “gets it”. Take your own responsibility. Blaming others is always the sign that you aren’t a leader.

Nick Fairley Mugshot for marijuana possession




Johnny Culbreath mugshot for marijuana possession



Aaron Berry mugshot for a DUI charge and then brandishing a gun getting him 3 assault charges before the team released him.


Sadly, I can’t find one for Mikel LeShoure who was arrested for marijuana possession twice within a few weeks, which lead to a suspension of 2 games by the league. So he missed his first 18 games after being drafted. 16 due to an Achilles injury in pre-season and 2 more for the suspension.

Only the Barry one was actually something I would deem “serious”, but of course having this many idiots on the team is still a concern. Millionaires getting DUIs is absurd. Especially since the NFL and teams offer car services for players so they don’t have to drink and drive.

LeShoure is the dumbest one though, who was actually born in prison when his mother was in jail for drug related offenses. I’ve never met a person in my life that has been busted for drug possession more than once. Let alone the same month. You have to be on stupid son of a bitch to get caught with a bag of weed while driving around. It’s like those idiots you see that have 10 MIPS (minor in possession). Ummm…just run kid.

So do we have this to look forward to in the off season once again? More arrests from a bunch of idiots that have no respect for their teams, or their careers?

The last arrest of a Detroit Lions player was 2008 when Kelvin Pearson was arrested on felony battery charges (that were later dropped). Of the 7 arrests in the past 5 years, 6 of them were within a few months of the 2012 off-season.